Chase Rideout Hyde (1995-2018)

Friends, On Nov. 12, our family lost one of our own, Chase Rideout Hyde. He was my nephew and the son of my sister Kip and husband Warren and brother to Phoebe, Torri and Sadie. Our hearts have been heavy and it has been a real rough time for our whole family. I have always read about these things happening and never thought it would happen to us. It did. I just wanted to post a short note to let you all know we are grieving and not in the moods to talk about it but know your thoughts and prayers are happening especially for Kip, Warren, Phoebe , Torri and Sadie. Chase was 23 years young and always had a smile on his face even when he had to stack wood! As a friend of Warren's said, "You'll get through it because you have to".  We will. Music has always been a way for me to express myself and tell my story. I'm very thankful for it in these times. Thanks to all-we love you right back. Peace,  Chad

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