1. Eyes

From the recording Stop the World

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If you care to know me it’s best to look at me
then I can see into those eyes
and how they came to be
If you’re always staring at that fancy screen below
you can miss what life is
that moment lost for sure
I’ve seen it in the cities
I’ve seen it in the hills
can’t help but thinking back when time we had to fill
biking down my dirt road
jumping off hay bails way up high
and skating on the black ice
as the fish did pass me by

show me your eyes
before we say goodbye
we never said hello
just look at me, before you go

It’s the simple little things that I don’t want you to miss
like the eagles nest up on the ledge
or the morning mountain mist
the geese flying in their V
following the sun
or the smile from across the room
says that you’re the one

words are just words you see
I pray they sink in eventually