1. 16,000

From the recording SPIRITS

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Everybody tells me what I need to do
Just one hit song, a sweet little ballad will do
Cut your hair and try to look like you’re a kid
And that million bucks will be waiting on your stoop.
It’s not about the money, but I do like to eat sometimes
From the other side of the menu.
I’m so very thankful to do what I do
I am blessed it is true

I have driven 16,000 miles in just 50 days
And my dream she’s coming true
And I have seen one hundred thousand smiles
On all colors of faces
And tonight that smile is you.

Many people they don’t know who I am
Many times I feel that I am misunderstood
I’m just a normal Vermont boy outside chopping wood
But when I grab my sweet guitar
And I play you all this new song
It takes me to an ocean blue and blue
Where the fish drive cars and they play guitars
And they savor their own peach wine
Drowning me in love and truth

I know what’s right
It comes to me in the middle of the night
Got to be free
Most times no one sees it but me