From the recording SPIRITS

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Keep On Walking

It’s so much bigger than us
Judgment out the window
I don’t care who you know
It’s so much bigger than us

There is a man by the side of the road
With a framed picture embraced in his arms
There is a woman, himself and a little girl
Tears pouring down his face
As he nods his head
Saying thanks

Jessica is just ten years old
She wants to walk for the cause
But they say she’s not old enough yet
Cancer took her Mom
Now she’s singing her own song
Let us listen to our children
They have so much wisdom

You just keep on walking
Through the sleet and the snow
And even the freezing rain
You just keep on walking
Cause someone somewhere
Needs you right now
I don’t know where
I don’t know how
You know how

There’s something about your face
That makes this world
A better place
If we could everyday
Capture this energy
We are so in need

Jodi didn’t want to talk about it
Until the walk came
And she couldn’t seem to stop
She said she felt accepted
Everyone wanted to hear what she had to say
What if our world could be this way
Everyone has a story to tell