1. Comin' After

From the recording SPIRITS

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Coming After

Believe me in all I say to you
Let me be the one
To make it all come true
In full color, like it was from a picture show
From the land of Greece
And the Hills of Bordeaux

Tap me twice if you know I’m right
Just a smile, it’ll be alright
Tap three times if you think it’s a line
It’ll be just fine

Comin’ after, comin’ after you

Sit right back and leave your mind at ease,
To the land of Oz without the wicked witch of the East,
No more poppies and we’re gonna leave the flying monkeys behind
They’ll never find us as we head into our peace of mind.

You’re not just a clown in this one horse town Let Ms. Helen speak
To the five maybe one baby give your gun, to me
Follow the yellow lines as they move in time across the face
Of the earth and Mama you can never escape.