1. Ocean

From the recording SPIRITS

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People all unhappy with each other
Not me no, I’m just staring at the ocean
People got to be good to one another
Take some time
Stare at the ocean
Takes you away, infinite possibility
Staring at the ocean

Sunlight, my little paradise, walk me to the moonlight
And we will stare at the ocean

Gonna get a stick
Put a blanket over it
That’s my house on the ocean
Stare all day, fire all night
Right there on the ocean
Don’t got no shoes
Sand is my walking tool
On the edge of the ocean

Ran out of money
Just riding the wave
My friend Hector he’s giving beer away
The band is playing
I see the sun today
And everyone’s dancing
Getting splashed by the waves

She never really sleeps, unlike me
Sweet ocean
Like the river, she’s never the same
So much deeper
So glad you came