1. Dr. Bethesda

From the recording SPIRITS

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Dr. Bethesda

Dr. Bethesda where did you come from
Did you catch a little burn
From the heat of the sun
Roll it up roll it down
Down the river you’re on
Dr. Bethesda that is the wrong arm
Not my left but my right
Of passage you see
In a funky little air boat
Searchin’ for the gators
In the bayou sea
What I mean what you mean jellybean
Forty feet into the blue air
Free free fallin’
Like you just don’t care

Dr. Bethesda, that’s Bethesda MD
Dr. Bethesda, that’s me

Dr. Bethesda the phones for you
Josie lost her leg at the San Diego Zoo
Says she’s seeing reds and dreaming in blue
Dr. Bethesda what can you do
“Let her drain in Maine
Don’t touch her climatic veins
As the finger nail moon waxes and wanes
Make sure her tye dye baseball jersey
You don’t stain
I’ll bring 50 cbs of methane for the pain
And a Great Dane
So she won’t feel insane
And a 1972 live version of Sweet Jane
And Oh yes a candy cane from Who Ville”