1. Simplicity

From the recording SPIRITS

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Don’t want hear about J Lo
Don’t really care about Ben
Or the twelve hundred dollar bottles of bubbly
That they’ve been drowning in
So many of them rap yap stars
Finding dollars in the sky
2.2 mil on a damn necklace
That’s 22 houses that we could buy
To think that they could make a difference
Instead of pissing it away
Curing a disease that’s taken all my family and my friends away
It’s all about perspective
And this is just mine
And if I had all the money in the world
I’d take the time to

Walk by the river side
Run for the moonlight
Walk by the ocean with my family
And kiss my soon to be wife
Go down to the dollar store
And buy one hundred things
Take all my buds down to KFC
And buy two of everything

Don’t want to be Joe Millionaire
I’d rather find my own wife
Who don’t care about the kind of car that I drive
Or living the rich life
Don’t want to hear about Paris Hilton
Or Pamela and Kid
Or that Demi and Ashton were seen together
With Bruce and the kids
Put all their money and fame aside
And what do you see
Hopefully a life full of love
And a little bit of SIMPLICITY
I don’t know how I would handle fame personally
But if I had all the money in the world
I’d take the time to