1. Mama Knows

From the recording Stop the World

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Mama Knows

What mama says you’ve got to do and do not question
cause what she says is the bible so do not mess yeah
Mamas got every single kind of remedy
so when I’m feeling kind of low
you know it’s that I go and see

Mama knows, Mama knows, Mama knows, everything

Mama says you’ve got to eat your vitamin C
cause when you’re up to al those late night hours
it’s the only way you can stay healthy
Mama says you’ve got to eat your broccoli
choppin broccoli
and open the door for the ladies
and always remember to pull out their seat

Mama says you got to take your own sweet time
even if it means you’ve got to wait your turn in line
Mama says you’ve got to follow your own heart
keep your eye on the dream even if it means
making a whole new start

Mama knows everything I said Mama knows everything
now don’t you mess with Mama