This year I will be touring the country with my wife Katie and our two children, Riley (12) and Bodi (9). I believe that music is imperative in the schools and have been bringing songwriting to schools around New England for the past 15 years. I work with the teachers to help develop Project Based Learning around their core curriculum so they may have a song for years to come. We craft the lyrics together which starts in the classroom before I arrive with a think tank around the subject chosen. We then weave it into song all together and close by performing the song we have written. It is a process that utilizes English, poetry, mathematics, voice, music and collaboration from everyone in the classroom.

My belief is that now more than ever , we need positive, inspirational music and that music can change lives. It certainly has changed mine and feel very lucky to play, write, perform and produce music for a living.

We will be commencing our tour in Florida and traveling across the country for 6 months. I hope we can visit your school. Here is a short video that has a few testimonials and shows a workshop in progress thanks to Fletcher Elementary School in Fletcher, VT.

I am also available to do a workshop on basic music PR and a career in music followed by a performance.

For pricing and availability , please email

Thanks for your interest,