Six month tour!!

Hey sweet friends ! We are on the road (Katie-my lovely wife, Riley -my ever loving 12 year old daughter and Bodi-my hip hop dancing 10 year old son for six, yes SIX months!

We have hit 11 states in four days and have just arrived in Florida to Vero Beach for my first show at The Walking Tree Brewery tonight Friday Jan. 19. It was a relatively smooth journey down staying in Cracker Barrel parking lots and trying The Waffle House cuisine!?   Butch-our pug is with us and keeps us on our toes.  

It will be great to see many of you on the road and please contact me if you’re interested in a house concert of have a cool club I should play. I am solo acoustic and am traveling with a small PA system(and a cool LED light too!). 

We’ll be in FL for a few weeks and then heading to New Orleans, Texas, New Mexico, San Diego and L.A., Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon and Seattle.  Please hit us with ideas to :


peace and music, 


The Hollister’s 

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