Hey cool friends, we've done eight shows in a row on Saturday nights and they have been amazing thanks to you. The quality has suffered due to our bandwidth and not one person has complained! It's hard for me to put something out there when it doesn't give you the quality I want it to. So, we're working on upgrading and will be changing to Sunday evenings at 7pm. That will start next Sunday May 24th at 7pm.

The private Zoom shows have been awesome and please keep getting touch for birthdays , celebrations or just to have a bash in your home virtual style! Please reach out through info@chadmusic.com to schedule any of these sweet opportunities! I appreciate all the generosity out there and the LIVE shows (even without a true audience) have been amazing. My family truly is in awe of you and how much you love LIVE, raw music!   Be well, be KIND and love one another!

see ya soon!!!

chad, Katie, Riley and Bodi

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