Saturday April 4 @7pm LIVE From Home on Facebook!

Hey friends, I hope all of you are staying safe and soaking in some time with your families or some self reflection as a form of reboot. We have all (Katie, Riley Bodi and Soul) been home since home from Colorado and have been making the best of it, building Tee Pees, playing music, reading, drawing, laughing, taking walks, studying, eating , laughing and then eating some more. I've been thinking a lot about our healthcare friends and all the hours they are putting in as well as putting their lives at risk daily. THANKS!! I hope you are able to do your incredible jobs and stay healthy at the same time.

Last night was a HUGE success for our 2nd Live from Home show and thanks to all of you who joined in and donated as well. WE appreciate YOU!!

Music has always been my life and now is a way to take ourselves and you away from all for an hour here and there. I want to thank all of you who have donated to our family who are able. Please do not feel any pressure if you don't have it, we'll be fine! Those who have a little, it goes a long way here in our home so THANKS! I'll be doing another solo show from home this Saturday April 4 @7pm. Please join me and my family as we try and reinvent ourselves and stay afloat in these uncertain times. 

Links for some LOVE are :

or VENMO at:


Again, truly appreciate you all and thanks for the generosity, love and support! We'll see you Saturday on Facebook!


chad , Katie, Riley and Bodi (Soul and Bo too!).

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